28 October 2011

Good News of the Day:

Last week Jesse received an email with news that the University of Utah would be delighted to have him on their waiting list for the PA program...we fully expected to be ignored by the U because of Jesse's less-than-diverse demographics, so he graciously took his place on their list. Today he called to tell me that he had discovered a new email asking him to please come to Salt Lake and interview instead...How grand is that?

I got a scholarship! A little bitty one, but every bit counts!

Ollivander got a whole box of apples from our gardening neighbor and has been infatuated with them all day long...his baby friend Drew taught him to eat apples last time we were in Blanding, and now Ollie is only too happy to eat/play with them.

It is officially the weekend, and we are all going to relax and get over our colds. Plus Jesse is on call, so he is getting paid for every lazy second.


  1. That would be awesome if Jesse gets accepted to the U because then you will live here in Utah instead of further away from me. :) yay i'm so excited for you guys.

  2. Congrats on the scholarship! And good luck with the interview... because you know how we'd secretly hope you guys could live close nearby. ;)