10 October 2011

Me: "So how's the hunger games?"

Beatrice: "Hahaha! I just picked it up when my phone vibrated!"

That was my text exchange with Ashley Bea today...stuff like that happens between us more than you would believe...

We used to have a holiday called "Lucky Shirt Day." We both had the same giraffe shirt and just happened to wear it on the same day at least three times a season (never planned). On those days, magical things happened to us...

I'm talking about getting the best parking spot in the Taylorsville Walmart parking lot, and Ashley finding the missing pearl from her ring in a shoe...MAGIC I tell you!

We no longer wear the giraffe shirts...well I don't anyway, but I still love days like today when magical things happen to us...however insignificant they may seem to anyone else.

She is one of my top 10 favorite nouns...That's for sure!

And not just because she gave me a gorilla for my birthday...but that sure helped!

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  1. Friends like that are the most magical thing in life. We are blessed because we have them. Not everyone does.