15 October 2011

Brown Feet

Can you see Ashley's Cherokee feet in the doorway?

If I recall correctly, this photo was taken on the day that those feet tackled me.

And then Spendy, who was usually pretty subdued, got up from counting Beatrice's change and held me down while the Indian made off with most of the clothes in my closet!

I'll admit that it was for my own good...I had this habit of changing my clothes throughout the day...like 5 or 6 times...so they were conducting an intervention of sorts.

I think it cured me...

I really need to send that letter I wrote to Kaylee last April...

1 comment:

  1. Haha, so I just remembered that I haven't read your blog in forever and I had the sudden urge to do so and what do I find? My cherokee feet and legs! Yay! You just made my day, Della!