22 October 2011

I'm so lucky today!

My PARENTS are coming to visit me!!!


They are on their way right now! And they are bringing me butter! Hooray!

Now I have to decide what yummy food I can feed them!

I was thinking soup, but I STILL don't have a big enough pot...my last pot was thrown out in Cedar City when the teflon started flaking, and I've been too cheap to replace it.

Oh! I hope they are bringing Andre!

And I hope they hurry up and get here soon!


  1. You are so lucky today!! I got my big silver pot at Walmart and I love it. I don't think it was very expensive either. I am all alone this weekend. I wish I could have made myself a stow-away!

  2. You still need to send me the Butternut squash recipe! Please pretty please!