14 October 2011


We just spent a night out on the town!

OK, so we just walked around the block to the video rental store and drive in, but that's about what "on the town" means around here...and "night" can be loosely defined as some-time-before-the-conservative-hour-at-which-the-whole-town-shuts-down.

Good News: The drive in has Piccadillies!
(But ask for "Chips")

And Thursdays are dollar video rental days!
(There isn't a redbox within 30 minutes of us)


On our walk back home, Ollivander spotted a cat walking our way and reached for it. Jesse and I saw his interest and started making cat noises, like silly parents do, to see if he would mimick us.

The cat got closer and I exclaimed, rather dramatically, "Watch out, that thing looks rabid!"

"Rabid?" Jesse asked. "Rabid...really? That cat is not rabid."

"I know," I replied. "I was making a joke...I thought I was funny." (which is generally the case)

"Oh," said Jesse. Then he sorta laughed and went back to meowing at Ollie.

Apparently I've been a little too serious lately...

*I just heard Jesse from the other room laugh about Ollie drooling and licking him...now who's rabid?

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