29 October 2011

In Which Oliver J. Loves Goats

I took Ollie to Logan so we could get an oil change, and get some things to help decorate our bare walls, buy some milk for under $3, see Becca and Chance, and let's face it...get out of Malad!

We went to the Heritage Center to see Becca and Chance at work later that evening and Ollie couldn't get enough! 

We let him in the goat pen and he walked right in and started hugging any that he could get close enough to.

 We loved getting out of town for the day, seeing Becca and Chance, and going shopping! We missed Jesse though! He would have loved playing with Ollie and the goats, and I would have loved holding his hand.

Kelly and Lisa, You're next!

1 comment:

  1. I was going to say "WHAT!? You came to Logan and DIDN'T visit us!?" (though I do understand the sibling tie ... inescapable) But then I read your tiny post-script and was appeased. For now. ;)